Welcome to the An Táin Theatre in Dundlk Ireland

This was the An Táin Theatre's website from 2007 - 2011. If you have arrived at this site while looking for the current An Tain Theatre's seasonal offerings go to http://antain.ie/, the new website for the Táin Arts Centre, an independent arts space in Dundalk, Co. Louth based in the former Táin Theatre, Town Hall, Crowe Street. An Táin was established as an independent organisation in early 2014, with the aim of re-establishing the building as a community-focused arts space. The centre houses a 350 seat main theatre, a 55 seat studio theatre, a visual arts gallery and two workshop spaces. Our programme is a diverse collection of local arts, national tours, workshops, visual arts and in-house productions. An Táin Arts Centre is kindly supported by Louth County Council.

The content below is from this site's 2011 archived pages.

The last time I was in Ireland as a consultant for Salesforce Community cloud I was visiting clients to show them some innovative and productive ways to implement the Salesforce Community cloud. During my stay, I was taken to the opera, Rossini's, The Barber of Seville by one of the principals. For those of you not familiar with Salesforce communities they are branded spaces for a company's employees, customers, and partners to connect in the cloud. I help clients to customize and create communities to meet their business needs and to how to transition seamlessly between the branded spaces. What's great about Salesforce is that the platform allows the creation of multiple communities within an organization for different purposes. For example, for one of the Dundalk clients I showed them how to create a customer support community to reduce support costs, a channel sales community for partner deal support, or a community dedicated to an upcoming events. I had spent a week in Dublin and another in Dundalk working very long hours. It was a pleasure to take an evening off from writing reports and solving issues to simply sit and enjoy myself. I'm glad to see that there is still a Táin Arts Centre in Dundalk. Perhaps the next time I am there on business, I'll catch a film or two.

Crowe Street, Dundalk, Co. Louth
T: 042 9392919 F: 042 9392910

Welcome to the An Táin Theatre, Dundalk

An Táin Theatre is to be a point of access to the arts for all the people of Dundalk and it’s surrounding communities providing an exciting and rich programme of diverse artistic activity including, national touring theatre, dance, community theatre, visual arts and a dynamic outreach programme.

The Theatre is a Local authority run venue which is assisted by funding from the Arts Council. If you have not been to An Táin Theatre yet please call in and see us soon or better still come and see a show.

Barry McKinney
Theatre Manager


In An Táin Theatre this 2011 Season

4th - 9th Jan 2011 Dundalk Musical Society presents
“Sleeping Beauty"
8.00 pm
3.00 pm on Sat & Sun
€12.00 & 
€10.00 concession
22nd Jan 2011 Bay Zone Youth Club presents "Thrill" 7.30pm

€10.00 &
€8.00 conc

25th Jan 2011 De La Salle College presents "Class Act" 7.30pm

Tickets available from college

2nd - 5th Feb 2011 Mercury Players presents"Proof" 8.00pm TBA



22nd January  7.30pm


Bay Zone Youth Club, Bay Esate presents their new production "Thrill"

With a cast of over 50 children aged from 10 to 16 years old, Thrill promises to be a fun-filled, entertaining night for all the family.

Bay Zones first show "Magical Allsorts" took the Táin by storm 4 years ago. This time round you can expect lots of singing and dancing with a Hall of Fame tribute to Michael Jackson, Elvis, Queen, Ronnie Drew and Joe Dolan.

There are excerpts from Avenue Q and Disney, football skills and lots more. What makes this show stand out from the rest however are the hillarious comedy sketches. So if you'd like to watch Brian Cown "Pack Up" and play monopoly or maybe see Jedward, Crystal Swing and other drop in, you'd better check out the Táin on January 22nd because this is one show that's sure to "Thrill"!


Pros Height 5.20mt
Pros Width 8.00mt
Stage Depth 8.20mt
Height of Stage 1.28mt
Performane Area 91.50 sq mt
Grid Height 12.00mt
Stage Floor marine plywood, painted black
Stage Left Wing 2.00mt
Stage Right Wing 2.00mt
Storage Limited
Crossove Behind Sage
Truck Access Reasonable access for all size trucks


Flytower Yes
Grid Height 12.00mt
Maximum Setting 5.74mt.
Raise & Lower System 16 sets, 3 wore rated at 250kg. Sets 2 & 5 are operated by single speed motorised pilewinds. Remaining sets are operated by drill controlled piewinds
Length of Hauling Bar 10.00mt
Spacing Between bars 400mm
Maximum S.W.L. 250kg


Lighting Circuits 120 into 120/72 Patch Panel
Cir 1 - 18 FOH Bridge
Cir 19 - 24 Left FOH Boom
Cir 25 - 30 Right FOH Boom
Cir 31 - 42 Lx. No. 1
Cir 43 - 54 Lx. No. 2
Cir 55 - 66 Lx. No. 3
Cir 67 - 78 Lx. No. 4
Cir 79 - 84 DSL facility panel
Cir 85 - 90 USL facility panel
Cir 91 - 96 USR facility panel
Cir 97 - 102 DSR facility panel


72 ways of 2.5kW dimming - Strand LD 90 - 12 ways of 2.5kW Zero 88 'Chilli' dimming
control protocol DMX 512
Riggers Remote Yes
Visiting Supply 63Amp 3 Phase
No. of DMX points 7


Quantity Type
20 No. SL. 15/30 Zoom Profiles.
10 No. SL. 23/50 - Zoom Profiles.
30 No. Cantata F.
40 No. Par Cans - CP62.
8 No. 8way Robert Juliet 75watt Howie Battens.
4 No. Source 4 - 22/50 Zoom Profiles.
8 No. Source 4 Junior 22/50 Zoom Profiles.
4 No. Martin TW1 Washlights.
4 No. Martin 250 profiles.


3 No. DSL
3 No. DSR
non dim circuits controlled from Control Room.


1 No. Martin 5kW PA system, inc of 6 Martin EM76
  loudspeakers and 2 Martrin EM201 sub units
  inclusive of DBX crossover
1 No. Soundcraft GB 8 - 32:8:2 mixing desk
Outboard Rack
1 No DBX  Driverack processor.
3 No DDB 32 band graphics.
2 No Berhinger compressors.
2 No Lexicon MPX200 effects units.
2 No Tascam MD301 mini disc players.
2 No Tascam CD160 cd players.


2 No Crown XLS 402 amplifiers.
4 No Martin F12 monitors.


6 No. Shure SM 58.
2 No. Shure SM 57.
2 No. Audio Technic 61HE.
8 No. Behringer DI 100 DI boxes.


2 No. 10mt x 6mt trailer curtains, wool serge.(flat)
10 No. 1.50mt x 6mt masking legs, wool serge - (flat)
3 No. 10mt x 2mt borders, wool serge
1 No. White filled cyclorama cloth
FOH Curtain
1 No. Aqua Marine House Curtain, velour



Saturday 9th February
– 30 years on……………….. Tour.

The Fureys & Davey Arthur celebrate their 30th anniversary with the release of a live DVD and CD. They have tours booked on all continents where they will bring their music, songs and stories to generations who have enjoyed them over the years. Their audiences have included the late Pope John Paul, President of Ireland Mary McAleese. Former British Prime Minister Tony Blair has stated that his favourite peace song of all time is the Furey’s “Green Fields of France”. 
There is nothing to be said about these legends of Irish Music that people don’t already know, so don’t miss this opportunity to hear them sing all their great hits including ‘When you were sweet 16’, ‘The Green Fields of France’, ‘The Old Man’, ‘Red Rose Café’, ‘From Clare to Here’, ‘Her father didn’t like me anyway’, ‘Leaving Nancy’, ‘Steal Away’ etc.  

Their shows prove to be consistently popular and are sold out well in advance so early booking is advised.

Tickets: €25.00
Performance 8.00pm



Thursday 14th February
The Louth Contemporary Music Society, present;
Arvo Pärt’s World Premiere: Baltic Voices in Ireland with The State Choir Latvija conducted by Irish conductor Fergus Sheil.

World famous Estonian composer Arvo Pärt, will be attending the world premiere performance of his newly commissioned work by Eamonn Quinn, Artistic Director of Louth Contemporary Music Society. This is a work of sacred music using the emotive text of St Patrick’s Breastplate. The composer has named the composition THE DEER’S CRY. 

In keeping with L.C.M.S’s desire to commission new sacred music based on existing Irish texts, there will be further World Premières. The Latvian composer Georg Pelecis will set the poem ‘I See His Blood upon the Rose’ by Joseph Mary Plunkett. Co. Down composer Deirdre McKay has set the last words of St. Oliver Plunkett’s Comendo Spiritum Meum.  Rihard Dubra the Latvian composer will also premiere a new work.

Another highlight of the programme will be the performance by pianist Michael McHale and violinist Ioana Petcu Colan of a selection of Arvo Pärt’s instrumental works including Fratres, Spiegel Im Spiegel and Für Alina.
These World Première performances will take place in St Patrick’s Cathedral. 

These recitals are being supported by, The Irish Times and RTE Lyric FM. 

Tickets: €20.00
Performance 8.00pm


Thursday 21st February
STEVE DAY – Comedian

Steve Day is a truly unique comedian - warm, witty and engaging whilst dealing with the dilemmas of being a deaf man in a hearing world.

His stories of multiple children, wearing a suit and the problems caused by not knowing how words are pronounced will have audiences in raptures. His uplifting tales of overcoming the obstacles in his path will leave crowds feeling inspired.

Steve is a favourite at many venues across the UK and abroad, and is quickly establishing himself as one of the most popular and respected acts on the comedy circuit.

‘Come along and hear what he can't. ***** Chortle’, The Scotsman.  

‘Steve Day has moved up to the premier league of stand-up’, The Stage.

Tickets: €16.00
Performance 8.00pm - The Space


Saturday 23rd February
Battle of the Bands

Dundalk has over many many years produced some of Ireland’s musical talent. This is a great opportunity to catch some of Dundalk’s finest young musical talent in action, who knows the next Corr’s could be awaiting discovery.

Tickets: €10.00
Performance 8.00pm


Thursday 28th February
The Opera Theatre Co. present;
The Barber of Seville by Rossini. (C)

Caught between a conniving older man, who would abuse his position of power over her to marry her for her money, and an attractive, mysterious younger man, who pursues her in a series of charming and seductive disguises, Rosina faces a choice between a secure but loveless future or a step into the unknown following a passion that comes with no guarantees. Aided by the clever Figaro, will Count Almaviva convince her that his love is true? With music that is joyful, witty and exhilarating, The Barber of Seville is the juiciest of romantic comedies!

Tickets: €20.00 and €18.00 conc.
Performance 8.00pm